Organic Argan Oil by Mary Tylor Naturals

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Therapeutic Bath Soaks

    The Ultimate Guide to Therapeutic Bath Soaks

    A warm, relaxing bath has been a staple of comfort for centuries. The ancient Greek, Roman and  Egyptian cultures all have recorded histories of using baths for both hygienic and healing purposes. The Greeks are credited with being the first civilization to utilize the healing properties of herbs in their bathi

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  2. How to Deal with Acne Using Argan Oil

    Acne Vulgaris or acne is a skin illness that has something to do with one’s oil glands. This type of skin problem generally occurs during puberty since the sebaceous glands become active during this time. Acne isn’t dangerous, but it may leave ugly scars on your skin.


    Pimples start when the skin pores become clogged with sebum, a special type of oil that can l

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  3. Benefits of Argan Oil for the Hair and Skin

    argan oil benefits by mary tylor naturals

    With so many beauty and skincare products in the market today, it’s difficult to zero in on a product that tackles several problems at once. Most of the time, you have to buy a separate

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