African Black Liquid Soap

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    African Black Liquid Soap with Organic Carrier Oils.

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    Ingredients and Method



    1. Add 27 oz of water with the Potassium Hydroxide in the glass bowl and set to the side making a solution. (it will sizzle when initially mixed together)
    2. Add all the Oils and African Black Soap to the crockpot and melt all together. Stick blending the African Black Soap until it gets smooth.
    3. Add the water and Potassium Hydroxide in the glass bowl to the crockpot until you get a thick trace. Blending as you go.
    4. Turn the crockpot to medium and let cook. (if it separates stick blend back together)
    5. Stir again after it becomes an island like look then stir all together again and let cook 45 minutes.
    6. Stir again let cook 15 minutes then begin diluting with the remaining water until you get a clear solution.
    7. If not clear cook more and stir together thoroughly.
    8. When you are satisfied with the consistency add the Organic Lavender Essential Oil
    9. Then pour into glass pump container and use when cool.
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