Cold Sore Salve

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    Naturally treat cold sores with this holistic recipe! 

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    Ingredients and Method


    • 5 drops Helichrysum Essential Oil
    • 10 Teaspoons Aloe Vera Gel
    • 2 drops Lemon Balm (Also known as Melissa) Essential Oil
    • 1 Air tight glass container such as mason jar


    1. Add teaspoons of aloe vera gel into mason jar.
    2. Pour 5 drops of Helichrysum Essential Oil into jar
    3. Pour 2 drops of Lemon Balm (Also known as Melissa) Essential Oil into jar.
    4. Stir until all ingredients are blended.
    5. To Use: Clean the affected area with soap and water then apply a dime sized amount to the cold sore for 15 minutes before rinsing.
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