Vitamin E Salve

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    Take your skin care to the next level with this DIY Vitamin E oil! 

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    Ingredients and Method


    • 4 Teaspoons Vitamin E oil
    • 6 Teaspoons Coconut Oil
    • 1 Teaspoon Beeswax
    • 2 drops Frankincense essential oil
    • 1 Heat Resistant container
    • 1 Double Boiler


    1. Melt beeswax in double boiler.
    2. Once beeswax has completely melted, add in the coconut oil and vitamin E oil.
    3. Stir until all ingredients are completely blended.
    4. Once mixture has slightly cooled, add in Frankincense essential oil.
    5. Store in a heat resistant container.
    6. To Use: Add a dime sized amount clean skin on face or body, careful to avoid getting salve into eyes or mouth.
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