Organic Jojoba Body Balm - Natural Help for Eczema

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Organic Jojoba Body Balm - Natural Help for Eczema a free recipe for DIY Organic Eczema Cream for use with any skin type. Quick and Easy. ♣

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Ingredients and Method



  1. Start melting the Organic Jojoba Butter. Melt the Organic Jojoba over low heat in a double boiler (pot of warm/hot water then a small pot or heat safe bowl with the Jojoba Butter in it placed over/in the warm/hot water). Please, never leave any melting/cooking/heating ingredients unattended.
  2. Add the Organic Coconut Oil to melt in and mix with the melting Jojoba Butter.
  3. Mix in the Organic Honey, it should also melt in with the mixture.
  4. Once those ingredients are mixed and fully liquefied add the 35-45 drops of Organic Lavender Oil & 5-10 drops of Organic Tea Tree Oil and stir to blend in. (Add drops more or less to your preferred scent/needs)
  5. Once you feel it is all mixed, let it cool and when it starts to thicken a bit use your mixer to blend and almost froth the ingredients, this should take 7 to 10 minutes of mixing.
  6. Wait ten minutes and then mix again. Repeat this step every 10 minutes until it is the consistency you like and then transfer the balm to your clean container.
  7. Store in a cool place and use within 6-8 months.
  8. Please Note: Mary Tylor Naturals’ Recipe Database is just a guideline and a resource to inspire your creativity. Please be sure to speak to your doctor before changing or adding anything to your health regimen. Also, please experiment with all of our recipes in small batches and test before using. Please do share with us if you feel any adjustments or additions should be made. We welcome your input. We also welcome customer recipes, though we are not able to test each recipe we receive. We can’t guarantee that the results will be the same for everyone, as we are all beautifully different.

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