Spring Allergy Relief Essential Oil Blend

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Spring is in the air. Now that we have transitioned into the Spring (equinox - comes from Latin and means “equality of night and day.”) and moving toward Summer (solstice when the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator). 

For many of us Spring is a dreaded time of ALLERGIES! As the pollen of the lovely trees and flowers spring into the air, they also float into our nostrils and wreck all kinds of havoc on our systems. Triggering a histamine response, causing itchy and runny eyes and noses, at the very least and full on asthmatic attacks at the worst end of the spectrum.

While Benadryl and other OTC anti-histamines are effective, they do have side-effects that are not always desirable or some of us are looking to avoid drugs all together!  So what can we possibly do to combat our allergies and gain some relief to this maddening reaction our bodies sometimes have?  Essential Oils!

Here is a blend of essential oils that can be used in a diffuser or added to a roller bottle with a carrier oil that generally offer quite a bit of allergy relief!

Lavender Essential Oil is known to be anti-inflammatory, and can calm down unruly sinus issues, resistant allergies and respiratory issues.

Peppermint Essential Oil is known to help alleviate stomach upset and promotes healthy respiratory function.

Lemon Essential Oil is also known to help energize whatever essential oils used, and has antidepressant, antiseptic, antifungal, and antiviral properties.

Copaiba Essential Oil known to be a powerful inflammation fighter.

IF you have purchased 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, this is also a great option (after checking with your physician, esp for current possible drug interactions)

Local Raw Honey is well known to offer allergy relief of local pollen over time as you are essentially consuming micro doses of the said allergens, building up a tolerance.  Bee pollen is also a great option for this annoying issue.

* Do keep in mind that it isn’t safe to give children younger than 12 months old honey. It contains a toxin that can lead to a dangerous condition called botulism. It’s especially serious in infants.

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Ingredients and Method


  1. ♦ If using a Diffuser: Fill diffuser to fill line with distilled water. Add the essential oils of: Lavender Peppermint Lemon Cover diffuser and ENJOY the Allergy Relief! (if using a smaller diffuser than 500mL adjust the amount of oils)
  2. ♦ For a Roller Bottle: Drop ALL essential oils into roller bottle. Add about 9mL (or fill up the rest of the bottle) with a carrier oil of your choice. Secure roller ball top and shake to mix essential oils and carrier oil. Apply to the back of the neck and ENJOY the Allergy Relief.
  3. ♦ For Internal use: Mix 1-2 drops of each essential oil with a tablespoon of local raw honey. Either eat the honey/essential oil mixture as is, OR Add to warm tea (never HOT, as that will destroy many of the beneficial properties of the honey and essential oils), and sip on a couple of times a day and ENJOY the Allergy Relief
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