Spring Equinox Heart and Third Eye Opening Essential Oil Blend

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The Spring or Vernal Equinox is a time when the light of day and the darkness of night are in perfect balance. Unlike the Autumn Equinox where the days get shorter and we slip into the darkness of winter, the Spring Equinox pushes us into the longer days of summer. Now is the time to freshen up our homes & tidy up our lives to make room for the newness of Spring. So if you've been itching to get Spring Cleaning (and you're sure it's not the allergies kicking in) now is the time to get your it going!
Also known as Ostara, the Spring Equinox is a celebration of fertility of the land, newness, and of planting seeds. This is a time to prepare and a time to plan. This is a perfect time to set new goals and intentions for the first season of the year. So if you've felt you're moving in slow motion perhaps you'll get some inspiration around this time to start planning and planting the seeds that will help you move forward out of the dead of winter!
Since this is the season of preparation, of planting, and of cleaning the scents that match these vibes are fresh & earthy. These scents inspire openness of the heart & mind as well as happiness with self. We're working with the Heart and Third Eye chakras!
We have this awesome essential oil blend that can be used in a diffuser, put into a roller ball bottle & then meditated with to help open up the Heart & Third Eye chakras as we prepare ourselves for Spring!

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Ingredients and Method


  1. If using a diffuser: Fill diffuser with 100mL of distilled water (adjust amounts for a larger diffuser or for a stronger scent) Add essential oils to diffuser and turn on
  2. If using a roller bottle: Add essential oils to roller bottle, and fill the rest with a carrier oil of your choice, cover and shake til your heart's content Roll blend onto your heart and third eye
  3. Sit quietly in a peaceful space with your favorite guided meditation that is intended to open your heart and third eye, or settle into your own meditation

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