Mary Tylor Naturals Reward Program FAQ


How long until my points show up on my account?

2 Weeks after you earn them

Do I have to sign up Separately for a Rewards Account?

No, your Mary Tylor Naturals Account is your Rewards Account!

Do I have to be signed into a Mary Tylor Naturals Account to Earn Holistic Loyalty Points?

Yes, remember as long as you are signed into your Mary Tylor Naturals account when you make a purchase, you can earn Holistic Loyalty Points.  Rewards are not redeemable if you are not logged in.

Who can I contact if I have an issue with the points in my account?

You can email [email protected].

How do I use my points?

You must first meet the minimum number of points to use the Rewards (100 Points). Go to your shopping cart and click on “Use Holistic Loyalty Points”. A box will pop up and you will have to type how many points you want to use. Bellow the shipping cost it will show you “Reward Discount” and that amount will be subtracted from the total

What is Tier 2?

You unlock Tier 2 after earning 1200 Holistic Points. Once you unlock Tier 2 You will be able to spend 1000 Points and redeem a $100 discount on your order. This reward is able to be stacked. Be Careful as you are redeeming this. If you redeem a discount larger than your cart total you will not be reimbursed points or given store credit.

How are Holistic Loyalty Points Awarded?

Holistic Loyalty Points are Awarded for making purchases and doing different tasking that you can find on the Rewards page of your Mary Tylor Naturals Account.

Will my points ever expire?

Mary Tylor Naturals Holistic Loyalty Points never expire!

Can I redeem partial rewards?


Am I able to redeem my point towards shipping costs?


What part of my order counts for points?

You will earn points for the products in your order. You will not earn points for the tax or shipping cost on the order.


Hidden Gems - Double Point Products!

Here is where you can find all of the Hidden Gems that will earn youDouble Point Products!

Come back often as we will be updating and changing the kinds of products!


Sore Muscle Massage Oil

Sensual Massage Oil

Unscented Massage Oil

Vanilla and Rose Massage Oil

Immune Booster Essential Oil Blend

Heavenly Essential Oil Blend

Slumber Essential Oil Blend

Natural Soap 6 Pack Gift Set



Other Ways to earn points!


Product Video Review – 250 Points

1 Minute Long

The Title of the video must include “Mary Tylor Naturals” and the name of the product.

It must be posted to Youtube.

The product must be physically in the video.

Submit the video Link to [email protected]

One of our Rewards Team Members will reach out once the video has been reviewed.