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The Healthy Wax melt ®

The Healthy Wax melt®  | Mary Tylor Naturals

Made from 100% pure beeswax, coconut oil and pure essential oils.

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Why blend Beeswax and Coconut Oil for Candles?
While Beeswax alone is great for candles the Coconut Oil allows the Beeswax to Burn more even and it helps give off a bolder smell.
What makes a Wax Melt Unhealthy?
Wax Melts or Tarts that contain any of the following are unhealthy: Paraffin Wax or Synthetic Scents (Made from chemicals not Essential Oils or Natural Ingredients).
Why add Coconut Oil to Beeswax in container Candles?
Beeswax burns hotter than other waxes, giving it its signature bright ambient glow and making them last longer. In a container/jar, this can make the jar too hot to touch, so adding a bit of another all natural oil that doesn’t release toxins into the air produces a cooler burning candle.
Why should I burn The Healthy Candle™ in my home?
The Healthy Candle™ is made from pure beeswax with some coconut oil, and essential oils, as well as 100% pure beeswax for pillar and tea light candles. There are many amazing benefits of these ingredients, that include burning cleaner, they do not contain any synthetic or artificial ingredients and use only cotton wicks (NO zinc), and can help to improve the air quality in the area they are burned, among other things.
Aren’t Soy Candles just as good as Beeswax Candles?
No, they are not. Soy candles contain some paraffin, are made from GMO soybeans, and contain additives to make them burn and hold a scent. Beeswax is all natural, emit a more natural light that is within the same spectrum as the sun and tend to be brighter and warmer than Soy candles.
Paraffin Candles vs Beeswax Candles:
Paraffin is an oil-based, by-product of the petroleum industry. When paraffin candles are burned, with their synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes, some of these toxic chemicals are released in the air we breathe. Have you ever noticed the black soot that can be found around the house after burning lots of paraffin candles? They build up on your walls, stain the paint in your home, etc. Beeswax on the other hand, is about as natural of a wax as you can get, that has been used for thousands of years to make candles. It burns cleanly and can actually improve the air quality.
What’s so fantastic about Beeswax Candles?
The first candles made in ancient Egypt were made from beeswax, and have been found in the ruins of Pompeii as well. Beeswax Candles create a brighter flame and burn much cleaner (producing zero soot), and last much longer than the subsequent fats and by-products that have been used in more modern times. Beeswax produces negative ions when burned, which attach to the positive ions (think pet dander, pollen, mold, toxic chemicals, etc.) causing them to fall to the ground (not floating around in the air for you to breathe in).