raw cacao

Mary Tylor Naturals raw cacao is 100% pure, raw, natural, food grade and kosher

Raw Cacao benefits:

  • It is widely known to help in reducing stretch marks.
  • Has a high concentration of fatty acids.
  • Very rich with antioxidant!
  • Contains a much higher antioxidant concentration levels, even higher then blueberries.
  • Has a wonderful healing effect on small burns and scars.
  • It is a great hair and skin moisturizer.
  • Great for using on sunburns.
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Does Cocoa Butter reduce stretch marks?
Cocoa Butter has been used and well known in helping to reduce stretch marks and scaring of the skin in pregnant women for ages. It is high in fatty acids that hydrate deep into the skin taking with it its many antioxidants, vitamins, moisturizing properties. The body needs moisture to regrow skin tissue as well keeping the skin well hydrated gives it more stretch, making it resistant to tearing.
What is Cocoa Butter?
Cocoa Butter is extracted from the cocoa bean of the Theobroma cacao L. plant. These are the same beans used to make one of the most widespread functional foods in human history: chocolate. The cocoa beans are dried/fermented then roasted, and pressed. Then the cocoa “butter” is separated from the rest of the beans, leaving the solids behind. Some processes deodorize and de-colorize the make the final product a yellow-beige color that smells fairly neutral.
Is Cocoa Butter like chocolate butter?
No Cocoa Butter is not like chocolate butter; however, it is the fat source used in making milk, dark and white chocolate. Cocoa Butter is a skin-loving fat like Mango and Shea Butter.