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  1. How to Lose Weight

    How to Lose Weight

    Weight Loss Tips

    Obesity and weight loss are major topics in American culture. We are constantly bombarded with the latest diet fads, nutritional supplements and exercise crazes. But what does it take to really lose weight? Below is a list of tips you may not have thought of to help you shed those excess pounds.

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  2. How to Use Bentonite Clay

    How to Use Bentonite Clay

    Ancient cultures used it as a dietary supplement since the clay is a natural source of important minerals. But in the current age, how can Bentonite Clay benefit our lives?

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  3. Pet Friendly Natural Products

    Pet Friendly Natural Products

    Cats, dogs, horses, hamsters, bunnies and ferrets are so much more than animals, they become our furry friends when we adopt them and become pet parents. They provide us with unconditional love and companionship, which is why we should be careful with what we expose them to.

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  4. How to Cleanse your Spiritual Aura

    How to Cleanse your Spiritual Aura

    How to Cleanse your Spiritual Aura


    An aura is defined as a human energy field. It is believed the be part of subconscious or spiritual part of the human essence. The concept of spiritual auras is taught in various different religions. In Christianity, the aura is referred to as a soul. In New Age beliefs, the

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  5. Free, Natural Ways to De-Stress

    Free, Natural Ways to De-Stress

    Natural, Free ways to De-stress your life! 

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  6. How to Use Essential Oils For Meditation

    How to Use Essential Oils For Meditation

    Essential Oils for Meditation

    In today’s busy society, many people are searching for ways to reduce stress, find peace and live a healthier lifestyle. Though the practice of meditation has been around for centuries, it has recently become a popular choice for those seeking natural ways to find serenity.

    There are various different types of meditation. Every religion a

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