1. Tropical Skin Care Secret: Mango Butter!

    Tropical Skin Care Secret: Mango Butter!

    Favored because of its tropical flavor, the mango is one of the most popular fruits. Mangos contain over 20 different vitamins, minerals and antioxidant compounds.  It is also a good source of potassium because mangos provide 156 mg of potassium per serving.  

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  2. Mango Mania! Mango Butter is all over... your skin

    Mango Mania!  Mango Butter is all over... your skin

    I enjoy the raw Mango Butter as much as the Shea but I do use them with Cocoa and Jojoba butter for different needs. Research shows Mango Butter is also rich in nutrients like the other butters AND adds almost a protective barrier for the skinRich in vitamins A,C, & E, Mango Butter is a wonderful benefit to our lives. I must add, anything that gets an 8 year old to moisturize after being in the Florida sun and pool is a big help to any mom.  There are many raw Body Butters to choose from at If you have a favorite butter to use, please comment/share and tell us why. Enjoy Buttering Up!

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  3. Body Butter or Lotion?

    Body Butter or Lotion?

    Body Butter or Lotion?

    There are so many products out there for moisturizing and relieving your dry skin. You may wonder if you should go with a body butter or a lotion.  Well, it really depends on where and why you are moisturizing.

    You may find lotions work best for your face and butters work best for the rest.  Be sure to go chemical free with certified organic.  Go to for more info. 

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  4. Certified Organic Vs Pure

    Certified Organic Vs Pure

    Striving to keep chemicals out of the house for your child, dog, cat, & loved ones?

    So you go ORGANIC.

    Organic Milk, Chicken, Soap, Cleaners, and Essential Oils to name a few.

    Only then do

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