Mango Mania!  Mango Butter is all over... your skin

   Mango Butter Mania has hit our household!  One of the many benefits of working with a family owned business like this is I get to bring home the products.  I do believe my family enjoys this benefit the most. So far Shea Butter has been wonderful in our lives. My husband and son find it easy to apply and they like that it’s not sticky and rubbs right in (though I also think they like that it’s not “perfumy” and it looks like a lego brick). I too love to “Shea”, as we call it, because this unrefined Organic Shea Butter has really improved 2 scars from freckles removed in 2017 (thankfully they were only freckles).

  NOW however, Mango Butter has bumped it’s way to my boys’ favorite!  Their reviews range from it’s a “funner” version of Shea to it’s “quicker to rub on" and has no “oil feel” to it. I enjoy the raw Mango Butter as much as the Shea, but I do use them with Cocoa and Jojoba butter for different needs. Research shows Mango Butter is also rich in nutrients like the other butters AND adds almost a protective barrier for the skin. Rich in vitamins A,C, & E, Mango Butter is a wonderful benefit to our lives.

I must add, anything that gets an 8 year old to moisturize after being in the Florida sun and pool is a big help to any mom.  There are many raw Body Butters to choose from at

If you have a favorite butter to use, please comment/share and tell us why.

Enjoy Buttering Up! Wishing You Great Health & Happiness! - D.M. & the Mary Tylor Naturals Family

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