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Cocoa butter, which is also known as Theorbtoma oil is an edible vegetable fat that is extracted from the cocoa bean. It has a pale-yellowish color. Cocoa butter is being used around the world, especially in chocolate making and cosmetic use. It is also a very important ingredient in many ointments, toiletries, and pharmaceuticals. The cocoa flavor and aroma of it is natural to the butter.


In terms of cosmetic value, cocoa butter has years of history as an ideal solution in taking care of stretch marks. In fact, it is a cost effective method available to maintain the natural beauty of your skin. Stretch marks of the skin can be treated pretty well with the application of this natural remedy. By nature, our skin has flexible and elastic characteristics and there is a maximum level to be reached in terms of stretching. Once the maximum level of stretching is exceeded just like any other materiel, the skin tends to tear. That is how the stretch marks on your skin appear along with time.  Apart from those scars on the skin, sets of fine lines and wrinkles can appear due to the loss of collagen. When the situation becomes severe, the skin marks are visible on the epidermis, which is the top layer of human skin.


Organic cocoa butter has the ability to penetrate the epidermis or else the top layer of the skin and reach up to the second layer of your skin, which is known as dermis. This is the point where the ingredients of cocoa butter start to repair the damaged areas of the skin. In fact this whole process of repairing starts from the inner side of the skin to the outer side. The treatment is natural and therefore it is safe. Usually natural ingredients are safe as treatments and they are not associated with any side effects. Concerning these advantages people tend to seek the assistance of cocoa butter rather than going for synthetic remedies.


Food grade cocoa butter is different than the cosmetic grade cocoa butter even from the price (it is expensive than the cosmetic grade). Additional refine is carried out in the manufacturing process of the food grade cocoa butter. The particles are finer and it is extra filtered. However, cocoa butter as a food provides some considerable amount of calories to the human body. Therefore, you should be careful not to over consume it. On the other hand, cosmetic grade cocoa butter is manufactured with a different process to make them cosmetically attractive. Therefore you should remember that food grade cocoa oil can also be used as a remedy for stretch marks despite it is being rather expensive. But, on the other hand, cosmetic grade cocoa oil is not recommended as an edible substance. In bottom line it can be said that the cocoa butter is a natural remedy as a lotion with not associated side effects to the human body.


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