Bring the Indoors Inside With Forest Themed Essential Oils

Bring the Outdoors Inside with these Fantastic Forest Scents!


If you are a nature enthusiast or simply love the smell of the outdoors, you will be please to learn that there are many essential oils that can virtually transport you into a forest without you ever leaving your home.  The following list of essential oils can be placed in a diffuser to create a calming, camping experience indoors.

Forest Themed Essential Oils



Cedarwood  (Cedrus atlantica)


Cedarwood essential oil is extracted from cedar trees and is an earthy smelling oil similar to sandalwood. Due to Cedarwood’s sedating effects, Studies have shown that the aromatic use of Cedarwood essential oil may be beneficial to those who struggle to fall asleep or suffer with insomnia.  Cedarwood contains special healing ingredients called sesquiterpenes. These chemicals promote emotional balance, support the body’s immune system and can act as antioxidant agents. The specific sesquiterpenes found in cedarwood are cedrene and thujopsene which have been shown to help balance moods and promote emotional balance and well-being.

Fir Needle (Abies Siberica)

Fir needle essential oil is derived from fir trees and created by the steam distillation process. Fir needle essential oil can be created from two types of fir trees, Balsam fir trees or silver fir trees. This essential oil contains many healing compounds such as: tricyclene, alpha-pinene, camphene, limonene and myrcene. These chemicals have been shown to promote antimicrobial activities against bacteria and certain types of fungi.

Pine (Pinus Sylvestris)

Pine essential oil is derived from pine trees and created by steam distillation. Pine essential oil is a favorite in many aromatherapy blends and also in recipes for home cleaning supplies and comfort items such as candles and wax melts.

Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)

Patchouli is a perennial herb with pastel pink flowers that is typically found in the tropical regions of Asia. Patchouli essential oil is made by extraction through steam distillation of dried leaves. This oil is typically paired with earthy scented essential oils such as eucalyptus, sandalwood and tea tree. It can be used to induce a calming atmosphere and also to promote relaxation.  

Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia)

Tea tree oil is made from distilling the leaves of the native Australian plant, Melaleuca alternifolia. It was first brought into modern culture by Captain James Cook in 1770. He observed the aborigines use of the tea tree leaves for healing purposes and shared this information with the rest of the English speaking world. 

Tea tree oil is not safe for use around pets and is specifically toxic to dogs. Do not diffuse this oil around animals and do not apply it to them topically.  Tea tree oil is meant for human use. 

Vetiver (Vetivera Zinanoides)

Vetiver essential oil is derived from the vetiver plant, a type of grass native to India. Vetiver is in the same class as the essential oil citronella.  Vetiver oil is effective as an aromatherapy agent. Using a diffuser to inhale the scent of pure vetiver oil is one way to use it for health benefits. Vetiver oil has quite a few properties that make it a promising ingredient for aromatherapy. Research has shown that vetiver essential oil is toxic to ticks and when used safely with carrier oil and applied topically it may be effective in preventing tick bites and prevent serious tick bite associated conditions such as Lyme disease.  

DISCLAIMER: Never start any holistic modality without first contacting your physician to discuss the risks and benefits. Avoid getting essential oils in eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

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