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Shea butter works extremely well on hair. It has hydrating and healing properties, which are extremely good for hair. It can be also used as a deep conditioner. What you should do as a treatment is just melt a small amount in your hand and apply it to your hair. Special attention should be given to the ends of your hair as well. Once the whole hair is covered with She butter, put a shower cap and wait about 30 minutes, then you can see the magic. You can use a mild shampoo to wash it away.


Apart from that, Shea Butter can be used to tame the flyaway. Rub your palms together with a small amount of Shea Butter and smooth your hair down. You might be able to style your hair the way you want it without the annoying frizz.


Always select the best.

Like any other product, Shea butter is also graded according to its quality. As obvious, class A is the very best. This is what used to manufacture the best Shea butter lotions and other natural skin care products used for healing. Class F denotes the least quality. Usually this grade is used to produce soaps or Shea butter moisturizers. You hardly find any healing properties in the F grade. Make sure you buy the freshest butter that will give you the best optimal results. Although the pure products are expensive, it gives you the best results.


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