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Shea Butter can simply be defined as an ivory-colored fat that is extracted from Shea tree. It has the characteristics of dairy butter. Shea butter is used in the food industry to prepare fried food, especially in the West African region. Apart from this, Shea butter is being used as one of the best natural skin care products as well. The effectiveness of this natural product as a skin care treatment is proven from customer reviews submitted by women in every corner of the world. Other than as a skin care, you can find several other benefits in using shea butter for hair. It has been used as a natural moisturizer and emollient for centuries.

The Origin of Shea Butter

This substance is made with the extracts from the Shea plant in West African region. The plant can be found within the countries from Uganda to Senegal.

In order to extract the natural vegetable fat, the Shea fruit is crushed and boiled at the beginning. What is extracted from the fruit is not only a food substance, but has various other values including cosmetic use.


Shea Butter for Skin

You can use Shea Butter for below mentioned health conditions and use it as a natural treatment.


  • Eczema
  • rashes
  • Shea butter for acne
  • psoriasis
  • ultraviolet damage


You can find many more products that are made out of organic Shea butter to treat conditions like insect bites, burns and scarring.


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