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Shea butter is extracted from the seeds of the Karite tree which is enriched with vitamins A, E, and F and also boasts of providing UV protection and gives the skin essential fatty acids and important nutrients for collagen production.

Organic Shea butter is gaining popularity in natural body care and has been used in Africa, as well as other countries across the globe for the effective treatment and maintenance of skin and hair and since it’s organic, it is proven to be safer and healthier compared to the different skin and hair products available in the market full of chemicals which can leave damaging effects.

Below are some effective benefits of using organic shea butter for skin and hair:

  1. Smoothens the skin. Organic Shea butter aids in the natural production of collagen of the skin. It is rich with linoleic acids, oleic, palmitic, and stearic acids which help protect and at the same time nourish the skin. Users of organic Shea butter reported dramatic softening of their skin, as well as skin elasticity and surprisingly, a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines.
  2. Helps moisturize. The natural vitamins and fatty acids found in organic Shea butter make it amazingly a good moisturizing and nourishing agent for the skin. It helps protect the skin’s natural oils and is often used to prevent skin dryness.
  3. Prevents inflammation. Organic Shea butter has cinnamic acid and other essential natural properties and is also used as an anti-inflammatory cream.

Organic Shea butter has been found out to be the most versatile natural beauty ingredient and some people actually use it as a facial and body moisturizer. Mothers who just gave birth to their babies use it also to remove unwanted and ugly stretch marks. Some women use organic Shea butter as an under-eye wrinkle remover and eye-bag remover at the same time.

It also improves the skin’s elasticity thus, can even help reduce extra cellulite, as others claim. On the hair and scalp, it can also be used as an alternative treatment instead of those chemically-laden hair products in the market which can damage hair and scalp. Organic Shea butter can also act as an effective homemade liquid cream foundation and organic make up. After basking in the sun at the beach on a hot, summer day, organic Shea butter can help in the replenishment of the skin. Make your eye makeup last longer by applying it on your eyelids. It can also act as a natural cuticle cream and can also be applied on scars to aid in natural collagen production in the healing process.

Organic Shea butter is enriched with Vitamin A and has superb and exceptional healing properties for the skin. It helps improve quite a number of skin conditions such as blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines, eczema, and dermatitis as well.


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