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  1. Benefits of Lemongrass

    Benefits of Lemongrass


    Lemongrass is a popular herb used for a variety of natural remedies. Though it is native to India and Sri Lanka, it is currently used all over the world in the practice of alternative medicine. Below is a list of some of the amazing benefits you may find by using lemongrass.


    Do not start or stop any treatment, natural remedy or medication without

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  2. Is your Vitamin E Supplement Safe?

    Is your Vitamin E Supplement Safe?

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  3. Certified Organic Vs Pure

    Certified Organic Vs Pure

    Striving to keep chemicals out of the house for your child, dog, cat, & loved ones?

    So you go ORGANIC.

    Organic Milk, Chicken, Soap, Cleaners, and Essential Oils to name a few.

    Only then

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  4. The Amazing Benefits Of Neem Oil

    Neem oil is produced by cold pressing the fruit and seeds of the neem oil tree (Azadirachta indica).  

    Neem oil has a green-brown or dark brown color that has a pungent garlic like aroma. Neem oil main component is Azadirachtin, which gives the oil its antiseptic, antifungal, antipyretic and antihistamine properties.

    It is an antiseptic and anti-fungal in nature that take

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