1. Amazing Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil

    Amazing Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil

    Tea Tree essential oil should be a staple in any homeopathic first aid kit. It has many properties that are beneficial in many areas
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  2. The BEST Essential Oils Starter Kit! with the 8 Top Oils all under $30

    Do you want to know how to get started with essential oils?


    What are the best oils to start with?

    Here is the BEST USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils kit to start with!

    Top 8 Essential Oils Set -  EOs for Beginners!

    For Less than $30 you can get 8 great starter oils!

    Please be sure to discuss this with your Doctor, never treat yourself without sharing everything with your Dr.

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  3. Benotnite Clay - What is it and How is it used.

     Bentonite Clay, known as Indian Healing Clay, is full of minerals like magnesium, calcium, & iron. It’s used externally and internally for face and hair masks, mud packs, body poultices, bath soaks, and calming digestive issues.

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  4. Certified Organic Vs Pure

    Striving to keep chemicals out of the house for your child, dog, cat, & loved ones?

    So you go ORGANIC.

    Organic Milk, Chicken, Soap, Cleaners, and Essential Oils to name a few.

    Only the

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  5. Pet Friendly Natural Products

    Cats, dogs, horses, hamsters, bunnies and ferrets are so much more than animals, they become our furry friends when we adopt them and become pet parents. They provide us with unconditional love and companionship, which is why we should be careful with what we expose them to.

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  6. How to Cleanse your Spiritual Aura

    How to Cleanse your Spiritual Aura


    An aura is defined as a human energy field. It is believed the be part of subconscious or spiritual part of the human essence. The concept of spiritual auras is taught in variou

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  7. Free, Natural Ways to De-Stress

    Natural, Free ways to De-stress your life! 

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  8. How to Use Essential Oils For Meditation

    Essential Oils for Meditation

    In today’s busy society, many people are searching for ways to reduce stress, find peace and live a healthier lifestyle. Though the practice of meditation has been around for centuries, it has recently become a popular choice for those seeking natural ways to find serenity.


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  9. How to Use Lavender

    Lavender has been a staple of natural health for centuries. It has been recorded to be used in ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian cultures. The use of lavender has continued throughout the ages and is still one of the most popular holistic options for aromatherapy, relaxation, anxiety relief and insomnia.

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  10. Natural Secrets for a Successful Thanksgiving

    Natural Secrets for a Successful Thanksgiving

    When the leaves are turning colors and the air is getting chilly, that means that the holiday season is rapidly approaching. Among the joys of the autumn time of year, Thanksgiving is probably one of the most enjoyable parts.  Below is a list of natural secre

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