5 Easy Ways to Go Green

In the current age of modern technology and a fast-paced lifestyle, many people are turning to holistic and natural ways to improve their life. This article will discuss 5 easy things you can incorporate to live a greener lifestyle!

  1. Embrace Nature


Spending time in nature can help you feel calmer, more relaxed and provide many health benefits. There is much scientific evidence that the body responds to exposure to natural things. For example, sun exposure is essential to not only the balance of your circadian rhythm but also in the production of vitamin D.  Exposure to nature can be extremely beneficial to human wellbeing.


Easy ways you can spend time in nature are:  


  • Going outside for a walk.
  • Opening a window.
  • Sitting in the Sunshine.
  • Listening to the rain.
  • Feeling the wind on your skin.
  • Grounding- Walking around in grass/soil barefoot.
  • Swimming in natural lakes, oceans, and streams.


2.Limit Technology/EMF exposure

Technology is all around us and is a necessary part of the modern human existence. Most, if not all modern conveniences release EMF (Electric and magnetic fields). EMFs emit radiation in one of two forms, low-level non-ionizing radiation or high-level radiation ionizing radiation, is the second type of radiation. Examples of EMFs are microwaves, cellphones, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth devices, powerlines and medical imaging machines.

Though avoidance of all technology probably isn’t feasible unless you’re Amish, it is possible to limit your personal exposure.  Unplugging wifi/bluetooth devices when not in use and/or at nighttime during sleep and avoiding placing devices such as cell phones close to your body are easy ways to reduce your EMF exposure. Some people even replace the microwaves in their home with safer devices such as convection ovens or air fryers. It is also helpful to stop your screen time at least an hour before bed to help you sleep better. Using blue light filter glasses can also be beneficial.

3.Use Essential Oils

Essential oils have been scientifically proven to trigger your olfactory senses, which can improve circulation and can help you feel calmer and improve your general feeling of wellness. There are many ways to incorporate essential oils into your life such as:


Aromatherapy- Using essential oils in a diffusor or wax burner is a great way to promote wellness and improve the air quality in your home, car or office. Diffused essential oils can be used to treat a wide variety of issue such as: reducing anxiety, creating focus or increasing libido just to name a few! 

Application- Applying essential oils to tense or painful areas or using products such as creams or soaps infused with your choice blend is a great way to enjoy the benefits of various oils. Many holistic practitioners and massage therapists apply essential oils to pressure points during treatment; creating a healing effect for their patients.

Baths- Soaking in essential oils is a great way to achieve maximum benefits from the natural healing power of various herbs, flowers and plants!  There are many wonderful products such as essential oil infused bath bombs, soaks and body washes that can help you incorporate better wellness in your personal hygiene.

Compression- Essential oils added to a warm, wet washcloth can be used as a compress when applied to painful or swollen areas of the body. Essential oil compresses have been widely used to treat menstrual cramps, tense muscles, headaches and post-exercise soreness.

  1. Use Natural Products

Chemicals are especially present in products used in our homes such as cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, make-up and even in our foods and beverages. For example, Parabens and phthalates are commonly used chemicals which have been researched to cause cancer and type II diabetes. These two chemicals can be found in shampoo, make-up and various beauty products. Aluminum is also a common additive used in anti-perspirants and scented products despite the fact that this toxin has been directly linked to increasing the risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.

To find our best health possible, it is imperative we reduce our exposure to environmental toxins. Despite the alarming statistics of chemical toxicity in the current age, there is good news! You can take control of your chemical exposure. Choosing natural products and making your own holistic solutions is a great way to help achieve better health and live a greener lifestyle. Check out the recipe section of our website for great DIY recipes to help you reduce your toxic exposure.

  1. Connect to the Elements

The Elements are defined as: Nature, Water, Fire, Earth, Light, Darkness, and Spirit.

Humans are automatically drawn to the elements because we require them to survive.  We are organic creatures and nature is a part of us. Our bodies require sunlight, water and air to sustain themselves. We are attracted to the elements of fire, earth and light because they are a part of us and connect to our physical and spiritual being.

In the current age, we have gotten away from exposure to the elements thanks to modern conveniences. We no longer use candles as primary sources of light or spend as much time in soil gardening due to the conveniences of grocery stores. Spending time in the elements is a wonderful way to connect to your inner being, find better health and live a greener lifestyle.

Ways to Connect to the Elements

Earth: Connect to earth’s element by practicing “grounding” which means to walk around in grass/soil with bare feet.

Fire: Connect to the fire element by sitting by a fire or by candlelight.

Water: Connect to the water element by visiting natural lakes, oceans, and streams. You can further connect to this element by swimming in a natural body of water.

Air: Connect to the air element by sitting in fresh air and feeling the wind. You can also open a window or drive with your windows down.

Light: To connect to the light element, try to utilize natural light as much as possible. Open the shades in your home or office instead of using artificial lights and get at least 30 minutes of safe sun exposure daily.  

Darkness: Connecting to the dark element is essential to circadian rhythm. Being exposed to dimmer lights and nighttime signals your pituitary gland to release the appropriate amounts of hormones to induce sleep and restfulness. Dim your lights 2 hours before bed and make it a habit to go look at the stars at night, even for just a moment.

Spirit: To connect to your spiritual element, meditation is essential. Spending a few moments each day in a peaceful, calming mindset will help you center your spirit.

Living a green lifestyle is just like personal hygiene such as showering, it must be done daily in order to be the most effective. Take care of yourself in your mind, body and spirit!

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