How to Use Bentonite Clay

What is Bentonite Clay?


Bentonite clay, also called Montmorillonite clay is formed from volcanic ash. Most of today’s current harvesting of bentonite clay is done in Fort Benton, Wyoming, where a large amount of  volcanos can be found. This clay has been used since ancient times as a natural, detoxifying agent.

Bentonite clay contains minerals. It naturally contains calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium. Ancient cultures used it as a dietary supplement since the clay is a natural source of important minerals.

But in the current age, how can Bentonite Clay benefit our lives?

1-      Detoxification.  In today’s world, we are exposed to a plethora of chemicals in the environment,  air, food and water we are exposed to.  Bentonite Clay can be used as a natural detoxifying agent. Bentonite clay helps your body remove toxins and fight various bacteria, such as E. coli and staph infection. The US National Library of Medicine published a study proving that bentonite clay successfully treated antibiotic-susceptible and antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens.

2-      Skin Care.  When used as a clay mask, this compound is able to draw bacteria out of the skin and promote healing for various skin problems such as acne and contact dermatitis. It is also a proven treatment for poison ivy exposure.

3-      Wound Care.  Applying a salve of bentonite clay to injuries and wounds promotes a natural, antibacterial healing process.

4-      Fluoride Removal. Science Direct released a study where bentonite clay was added to magnesium and tap water to detoxify and remove fluoride from drinking water. Fluoride is a controversial topic and some in the educated medical and holistic community believe it is a toxin. Bentonite clay is a proven, natural way to cleanse your tap water from fluoride.

5-      Natural Baby Powder Alternative. Traditional baby powder made from Talc is known to be an endocrine disrupter and is rumored to cause cancer in females. Bentonite Clay can be used as a natural replacement for your baby powder needs.

Can you take Bentonite Clay internally?

Always contact your healthcare provider before starting or stopping any supplement, herb, diet or medication. This is not a replacement for medical care and is not to be used to provide advice, direction or suggestion of health management.

According to Dr. Joshua Axe, miniscule amounts of Bentonite Clay can be ingested by the following rules- “Drink 1/2 to 1 teaspoon once per day. Mix the clay with water, preferably in a jar with a lid where you can shake the clay and make it dissolve. Then drink it right away.”


Bentonite clay can contain trace amounts of lead and/or heavy metals are not appropriate for use in children and pregnant women.

How do I use Bentonite Clay externally?

This clay makes a great detoxification bath ingredient. Simply add a ¼ of a cup of clay to your bath and soak for 15 but no more than 30 minutes for a safe, natural detox.  Be sure to drink 8oz of water before and after your bath to prevent dehydration caused by the detox process.

It also makes a great face mask, salve for rashes and itching. Please see the recipe section of our website for ideas on how to use bentonite clay!  

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