COVID-19 Crisis Coping Tips

COVID-19 Crisis Coping Tips


Anxiety, stress and depression are things all humans battle at one time or another, but especially during times of worldwide stress such as the COVID-19 pandemic. During these rough days, it can be hard to find peace. Below is a list of natural coping tips to help you keep your mental health in a calm state.


  • Make mental health a priority.


Mental health is just as important as physical health, which is why it is imperative you make your mindset and emotions a priority. Keeping a positive mindset is key to staying sane during any crisis.


Tips to maintain a positive mindset:

a-Focus on what you CAN control and not what you can’t control.

 You can control your actions, thoughts and behavior despite any circumstances.

b- Do not allow yourself to fixate on negative thoughts.


Replace every negative thought with two positive ones. This habit will keep your mind focused on the good things and not the bad things in your life.



  • Use calming and positive affirmations. Stating positive affirmations to yourself will help keep your mind on the right track. You can also leave notes around your home to remind you of positive things to think about.


Examples of affirmations are:

“This too shall pass.”

“I am a survivor.”

“I will make it through this.”

“I am a strong person.”

“I am living my best life.

“I am doing my best and that is enough.”


  • Practice Self Care.

Self care is not selfish. You cannot take care of anyone or anything else if you are depleted yourself. It is important to take time to nourish your mind, body and spirit and to do something you enjoy every single day. Self care doesn’t have to be some big grand gesture, it can be something as simple as putting on your favorite pair of pajamas and drinking a cup of hot tea or watching your favorite movie. Be sure you are prioritizing your mental health as well as your physical wellbeing.


  • Enjoy nature. Go outside and feel the earth beneath your feet, listen to the wind rustle through the trees and soak up the sun.  You can take a walk around your neighborhood or simply just sit outside to soak up the beauty of the nature around you.  Being in nature can have many health benefits from lowering blood pressure to increasing your body’s natural vitamin D production. Safe amounts of sun exposure can also boost your immune system, which is important during the COVID pandemic.


  • Use Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is a wonderful natural remedy for stress relief.  There are thousands of essential oil blends to help you find relaxation in your home.  Diffusing calming essential oils such as lavender, vanilla, chamomile or jasmine are just a few suggestions to fill your home with a soothing aroma.  All you need is a diffuser, water and essential oils to practice aromatherapy!


Check out the recipe section of our website to find a great selection of diffuser recipes to induce a natural, calming state. We are also proud to offer a line of 100% pure, USDA certified organic essential oils.



Find peace during a pandemic may seem impossible, but with the right mindset you can endure anything. Never forget that you are in control of your actions, thoughts and behaviors despite anything else that may be going on in the world.  This too shall pass.



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