Essential Oils for Better Moods

Essential Oils for Better Moods


Essential oils have a variety of scents and many of these contain health benefits. Scientific evidence shows that exposure to certain scents can trigger changes in mood due to the brain’s involvement in olfactory senses. The olfactory system is defined as the body’s perception of different smells, such as flowers, food, nature and even other humans in the form of pheromones.

Certain essential oils have been shown to trigger the olfactory system and can improve mood without the use of medication. Below is a list of essential oils that may can get you in a better mood.

  • Jasmine

Jasmine is a floral smelling essential oil obviously derived from the jasmine plant. It has been used for centuries and widely favored due to its enjoyable scent. This essential oil is actually the main ingredient in the very popular perfume, Chanel #5.  

  • Bergamot

With a light tropical scent, bergamot is a favorite among essential oil users.  It has been used to induce a brighter mood and also can reduce agitation. Bergamot essential oil is in the citrus family and pairs well with lemon and orange essential oils.

  • Pine Tree

Exposure to nature has long been an important part of the human experience and with Pine tree essential oil, you can get the benefits of a woodsy scent without having to go on a camping trip. Adding a few drops of pine tree essential oil into your diffuser can create a calming, natural experience without you ever having to leave your home.  

  • Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang oil is created when Cananga flowers are distilled and extracted into oil form. This oil has a strong, sweet scent and has been used for centuries for its aphrodisiac properties. Applying or diffusing this oil may help you get into a better mood or even in “the mood.”  Husbands beware!


Before you choose an essential oil product, be sure it is a pure 100% natural product. We are proud to offer a line of USDA certified, therapeutic grade essential oils!