Explaining Essential Oils- Thyme

Explaining Essential Oils- Thyme

Thyme Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Thymus vulgaris


What is it?

Thyme is a perennial herb that has been used for centuries in various different cultures for culinary and medicinal uses. It is also a major source of nectar to honeybees.

How can I use it?

Natural First Aid. With its anti-microbial properties, Thyme Essential Oil has been proven to be a safe alternative in first aid kits to treat superficial wounds, scrapes and minor cuts.

Respiratory Treatment. According to a study published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, thyme has been shown to effectively treat coughing and respiratory infections.  (Never start or stop any natural remedy without first checking with your healthcare provider)

Food Additive.  Adding a dash of thyme into your meals can add a fresh splash of flavor to many dishes. Be sure you are using a food grade oil or organic herb!   

Holistic Mouth Wash. Thyme oil has been used as a natural alternative to alcohol based mouth wash products. Studies have shown that thyme oil can actually reduce bacteria and improve oral health.


What are the benefits?

Thyme is a triple threat, being a natural antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial compound. It is used in many holistic alternative remedies and can also be used in teas, medicinally and also in food.

What are the risks?

Concentrated versions of thyme oil can be potent and should be safely diluted with a pure carrier oil such as olive, jojoba, almond or coconut oil. Recommended dilution rates are 2 drops of thyme oil per 4 teaspoons of carrier oil.

Be sure you are using a bio-friendly, 100% therapeutic grade oil. Do not ingest a low-quality oil, as they may be filled with other products and not 100% pure.

Where to buy?

Mary Tylor Naturals is proud to offer a selection of high-quality essential oils to improve your well-being. Our thyme essential oil is USDA certified and 100% organic.  We stand by our motto, “Better Ingredients for a Better Life!”