Funny Folk Remedies You Can Try at Home

Funny Folk Remedies


Natural remedies have been around since the dawn of time itself. Many cultures have used herbal tinctures, medicinal mushrooms and even utilitising the elements to promote healing and wellness. In Mary Tylor's most recent podcast episode, our staff discussed some hilarious folk remedies.


Our hilarious podcast cohosts, Bryan and Win read through an outdated natural rememdies book, only to discover the following not so great health tips! 

(Do not attempt any of these bad folk remedies)


Funny Folk remedy #1-

Problem: Walking bowlegged.  Achilles Tendon Injury. 

Treatment: Wearing Cowboy boots. According to urban legend, wearing cowboy boots can help you adjust your walk if you are bowlegged. It has also been suggested to wear a shoe with a bootlike heal to treat an achilles tendon injury. 

Actual remedy for achilles tendon injury: Ice and rest.

Funny Folk Remedy#2-

Problem: Bee Stings.

Treatment: Don't get stung. Avoid Bees. 

Actual remedy for bee stings: Remove the stinger, apply ice and a healing salve to the sting site.

Funny Folk Remedy #3-

Problem: Swimmers ear.

Treatment: Blow dry your ear with a hair dryer. 

Actual remedy: Eardrops prescribed by your physician. 


For more funny, bad folk remedies, listen to the full episode at the link below--->