How to Make a Natural First Aid Kit with Essential Oils

Essential Oil First Aid Kit

Essential oils have many healing benefits and can be used to naturally treat many health issues. Before modern medicine invented things like alcohol swabs and traditional antiseptic creams such as Neosporin, ancient cultures used natural items to treat problems.  Below is a list of essential oils you can use in your natural first aid kit.   

Tea Tree

This oil can be used to safely and effectively disinfect cuts and shallow wounds. As a naturally disinfecting agent, it can be used in place of alcohol or peroxide.


Though it is known for its relaxing effects, this oil is used to not only treat anxiety and induce restfulness but also can treat burns.  Applying a diluted solution of lavender oil to skin that has been burned by either an appliance or even sunburn can promote healing and reduce the pain.


During cold and flu season, congestion can be a common issue. Eucalyptus essential oil can be applied to the chest to provide relief of congestion associated with mild respiratory illness. You can also diffuse this oil to help reduce the discomfort from seasonal stuffiness.


Clove oil is used even in modern dentistry to treat toothache pain and even dry sockets, which is why it is a great addition to your natural first aid kit to manage an unexpected tooth emergency. Applying a therapeutic food grade essential oil to your toothache can provide temporary relief until you can get the issue permanently fixed by a dental professional.


As a natural astringent with antibacterial healing properties, this oil can be used to naturally treat infected wounds and prevent infection.


Bug bites, rashes and poison ivy can be incredibly irritating and using traditional steroid creams may require a prescription and a doctor visit. To treat these issues at home, chamomile essential oil is a great natural remedy.

Always check with your healthcare provider before you start any natural treatment or remedy and be sure you are using high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils.

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