How to Raise your Vibrations

What are Vibrations?

It is a known scientific fact that all living things emit a frequency and vibrations. Vibrations refer to the movement of atoms and particles caused by energy. All living things and objects that contain atoms emit a vibrational frequency.

Frequencies are measured in hertz (Hz) units and are valued at the rate that vibrations occur. Frequencies are used to discern vibrational patterns. Atoms vibrating at a higher rate are valued at a higher frequency than an atom that is vibrating at a lower rate. Understanding the difference between high and low frequencies is imperative to understand how vibrational frequencies can impact your health.

You, as a human, emit infrasonic waves, which are low-frequency vibrations caused by heartbeats, breathing and the pumping of blood throughout the body. Live organs also produce energy frequencies. All living things and organic compounds emit an energy field. Studies have shown that free electrons absorbed into the body through direct contact with the Earth help regulate natural processes such as circadian rhythm regulation and reduce acute stress and inflammation levels. Connecting with Earth’s frequencies may help align the body’s biological processes and regulate diurnal body rhythms. Earth’s vibrations have also been shown to make a difference in patterns of  human cortisol secretion.

Researcher Bruce Taino discovered that the healthiest bodies resonate at a frequency of 62-70 MHz.  It was his theory that believed that when a person’s frequency drops below 58 MHz, the body becomes susceptible to diseases, bacteria, and viruses. A body with a low frequency negatively influences the energy aura. According to Taino’s theory, when a person’s frequency drops due to environmental and/or physiological factors, the immune system is weakened. He believed that unresolved emotions and trauma are stored in our bodies and also in our electromagnetic energy fields.

We, as human beings have unfortunately separated ourselves from nature. We are indoors most of the time and our culture has devalued the importance of natural experiences such as walking around barefoot, feeling the wind blow onto our skin and safely soaking in the warmth of the sunlight. Humans are organic beings that need connection with the elements to have the most optimal health possible. For example, the lack of sun exposure in our current culture has created an epidemic of low Vitamin D levels. Low vitamin D levels have been linked to a lowered immune system response, osteoporosis, bone wasting, lethargy and increased fatigue.  Our culture has forgotten there are natural solutions to many of the health ailments we struggle with.

Richard Feynman’s studies on electromagnetism won him a nobel prize and proved that when the human body’s potential is equal to the Earth’s electric potential, it becomes an extension of the Earth’s innate electric system. The Earth’s potential thus becomes the “working agent that cancels, reduces, or pushes away electric fields from the body.” Previous studies also showed an improved immune cell response and  pain reduction from the practice of earthing.

The earth itself emits frequencies. According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, the Earth’s surface possesses a continuous amount of electrons.  The Earth’s frequency potential can promote an internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of living things.

How to Raise your Frequency


Earthing, also known as grounding, is a practice that can benefit virtually every living being. It doesn’t cost anything but it can bring a wide variety of benefits. All living things have an optimal frequency that occurs when each of the cells in our body vibrates at the frequency it was created to. Earthing is a great way to raise your vibrational frequency.

Earthing or Grounding is the concept of physically connecting to any part of earth. This can be grass, dirt, water, basically it is physically experiencing one or more of the elements. Here is a list of easy ways you can raise your vibrational frequency.

  • Go Barefoot.

Taking your shoes off and feeling the grass between your toes is a great way to connect with the earth beneath your feet. Simply take your shoes off and take a walk around your yard. If you don’t have a yard, go to a local park or nature reserve, take your shoes off and take a relaxing stroll.

2- Connect with the elements.

The four elements are: Fire. Water. Earth and Air. Connecting with them will help you raise your vibrational frequency.

To connect with fire: Light a natural, organic candle or build a safely contained campfire in a fire pit or other safe space.

To connect with air:  Open a window or step outside to enjoy the breeze.

To connect with water: Find a natural source such as a lake, creek, pond or ocean. If you do not live near a natural source, there are many affordable “zen” fountains you can purchase to help you connect with the water element.

To connect with Earth: There are many various ways to connect with the Earth element. As previously mentioned, the practice of grounding is one way but there are also activities such as gardening or even just playing in a sandbox or with dirt can help you find serenity.

3- Protect your Energy!

Negative people and actions can decrease your vibration and impact your quality of life. It is important to analyze your life for things, experiences and influences that might be a negative force. Are the people in your life encouraging you or bring you down? Are you enjoying life or just enduring it?  Are you living or existing?

If you find that your life contains negative forces, it is imperative you eliminate as many of those toxins as possible. You get ONE life, there is no sense wasting it with negativity.

4- Be positive!

You can raise your frequency with your perception. The brain responds to the reality it thinks it’s in. If you continuously tell yourself negative things, it will perceive a negative reality. When you focus on what is wrong, you lose sight of what is right.  Focusing on a positive mindset, gratitude and affirmations will  help you raise your frequency.

5- Take Care of your Body!

Eat healthy, organic foods, as these have a higher vibrational frequency. When you are giving your body whole foods that are nutritious, you are giving it the best chance for wellness.

Remember that you are an organic creature with a mind, body and spirit. You don’t just have energy, you ARE energy. You deserve to protect your energy and live the best life possible.

Wishing you hope, healing and happiness.