How to Use Neem oil as a Natural Pesticide

How to Use Neem oil as a Natural Pesticide

Neem oil can help you rid your life from pests, naturally! Azadirachtin is the chemical produced from neem oil, which naturally repels insects. Amazingly, this chemical interferes with certain insects’ body systems, inhibiting their ability to eat and reproduce.

For example, when exposed to Neem, roundworms also known as nematodes lose their ability to breed. Neem oil has been used for centuries as a natural pesticide and is a main component in hundreds of bug repelling products. It is safe to use in and around your home to prevent insect infestations.

Neem can also naturally protect outdoor animals such as horses from biting flies and mosquitos. Cats, dogs and hamsters can find relief from flea and mite bites as well.  A diluted neem oil solution can be used as a natural soap or shampoo for pets to keep fleas, ticks, and mites away from your furry friends. It is safe for both indoor and outdoor pets!

Neem oil can also be safely used to prevent insects in your garden. Neem is a great holistic alternative to dangerous pesticides such as roundup. As previously mentioned, Neem impacts the insect’s body systems, so it is not an instant bug killer. It is safe to use around plants and will not kill them, it will however, slowly decrease the amount of pests in your garden.

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