Jojoba Oil- What is it and How to Use it

What is Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil (pronounced- Ho-ho-ba oil) is extracted from the plant scientifically known as the simmondsia chinensis plant. This oil is a preferred ingredient in natural hygiene and beauty products. It is preferred because of its composition of healing ingredients such as long-chain fatty acids and high resistance to heat.

Uses for Jojoba Oil

Acne Treatment

Using jojoba oil as a facial mask 2-3 times a week may prevent the occurrence of acne break outs due to it’s pore cleansing properties.

Tactical Uses

In 1943, due to desperation, the U.S military used jojoba oil during wartime as an additive to transmission and motor oil and it was also used as a machine gun lubricant.

Mosquito repellent

Jojoba oil when mixed with an essential oil such as lemongrass/citronella can be a safe natural mosquito repellent safe for you and your children. You can repel bugs naturally without exposure to harsh chemicals such as DEET.


The innate vitamin content of  Jojoba oil makes it a wonderful natural moisturizing agent that can keep your skin from flaking and chaffing without making you break out.

Natural Eczema Relief

With its natural emollient properties, jojoba oil has been shown to be an effective treatment in managing the symptoms of eczema such as itchy, flakey and rough skin. If you have been diagnosed with eczema, be sure to discuss the use of jojoba oil with your doctor before you begin any treatment.


As with all natural products, it is important to ensure you are using a pure, natural product. We are proud to offer a USDA certified organic Jojoba Oil.