What is Tamanu Oil?


Tamanu oil is known scientifically as calophyllum inophyllum, which is a medicinal tree found in Polynesia and on islands in the Pacific Ocean. Tamanu Oil is extracted from the seeds of the calophyllum inophyllum tree and is typically used in the topical treatment of skin injuries from burns, infected wounds and various skin diseases such as urticaria and eczema.

A scientific study published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health reported that oil extracted from the calophyllum inophyllum tree was an effective alternative therapeutic strategy to treat infected wounds. This study proved that the use of tamanu oil improved wound healing and was found to have beneficial antibacterial properties.

Another study by Pharmacognosy Magazine evaluated the effectiveness of treatment when calophyllum was used to treat rheumatism, vein issues, hemorrhoids, and gastric issues. The study showed that calophyllum exhibits a wide range of biological activities and is a natural anti-inflammatory. The study showed promise to provide new leads for the development of anti-inflammatory drugs based off of the contents found in calophyllum.

Tamanu oil can be used as a topical treatment for many various skin ailments such as:

  • Sunspot Fader. Though it is not a replacement for sunscreen, Tamanu oil can help prevent sun damage. A 2009 study found that Tamanu oil was able to absorb UV light and inhibit 85 percent of the DNA damage induced by UV radiation.
  • Skin Healer. Tamanu oil’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a great natural solution to treat inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, urticaria and can even help heal wounds.
  • Applying Tamanu oil to skin can help naturally moisturize even the driest skin. For best results, wash your face thoroughly and apply a generous amount of Tamanu oil to your skin before bed every night.
  • Burn Soother. Tamanu oil can be used as a natural solution to soothe minor topical burns and also to treat sunburns.


If you are using Tamanu oil, be sure you choose a 100% pure product which does not contain any artificial fillers. Mary Tylor Naturals is proud to offer a pure Tamanu oil you can trust!