Wonderful DIY Wipe Recipes You Will Want to Try!

 Wonderful DIY Wipe Recipes You Will Want to Try!

For all these recipes, it is recommended to purchase a high-quality paper towel product and cut it in half before soaking it in the recipes below. Store in an airtight container away from kids and pets. Be careful to avoid getting into eyes and mouth when using the wipes.

Surface Disinfectant Wipe Recipe

8 tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol

½ cup water

3 tablespoons of dish soap

10 drops of lemon essential oil


Skin Disinfectant Wipe Recipe

10 tablespoons of Witch Hazel

5 drops of tea tree essential oil

3 drops of rosemary essential oil

¼ cup water


Baby Wipe Recipe

¼ cup water

4 tablespoons of baby oil

10 tablespoons of baby shampoo


Kitchen Cleaning Wipe Recipe

½ cup water

10 tablespoons of white vinegar

5 drops of orange essential oil


Anti-Anxiety Calming Wipe Recipe

10 drops of Lavender essential oil

5 drops of chamomile essential oil

2 tablespoons of baby oil

¼ cup water


Be sure you are using all natural, pure ingredients for your product bases! Mary Tylor Naturals is proud to offer a premium line of USDA certified organic items perfect for DIY projects.