Great Uses for Rose Water Hydrosol you need to try!

What are Hydrosols? 

Hydrosols are a mixture of distilled herbs, essential oils or flowers combined with water to create a spray or skincare solution. They are also known as plant water or flower water. These solutions are created when specific substances such as lavender or rose petals are distilled and mixed with water to create a natural, fresh smelling liquid. 

What is Rose Water Hydrosol? 

Rose water hydrosol is a liquid aerosol that is created when rose petals are distilled. It can be used for a variety of uses and is a favored product because of its light, comforting scent.  

Rose Water hydrosol is a wonderful product with the following benefits:  

Body Spritz.    The scent of roses provides a light fragrant aroma that is gentle and not overpowering, which is a great alternative to toxin laced perfumes and body sprays. Using a hydrosol in place of a perfume is a great natural way to freshen yourself up. 

Laundry Booster.    Spraying your clothes with a hydrosol will help freshen items that may have developed unpleasant scents from hanging in your closet for long periods of time. 

Natural Air Freshener.   Rose water hydrosol is made from natural, organic rose petals and can be used as a natural replacement in place of toxic air freshener products. 

Stinky Shoe Fix.  Shoes can harbor smells from sweat to dirt to aromas from your workplace and spraying them with a natural scent will help you eliminate stinky shoe odors. 

Bathroom Freshener.   No one wants to use a fowl smelling restroom. Keeping a bottle of rose water hydrosol in your bathroom can provide your family and guests with a natural solution to freshen even the worst smells. 

Mary Tylor Naturals is proud to offer USDA certified organic hydrosol products! Better Ingredients for a Better Life!