How to Bathe your Way to Better Health

How to Bathe your Way to Better Health

Baths have been used for thousands of years to evoke healing benefits and comfort. There are many additives such as essential oils, herbs, flower essences and minerals that can be added to your bath to help you find natural remedies for multiple ailments. 

Soak Safely!

Ensure your water temperature is appropriate to avoid burns. Use caution if you have a pre-existing condition that may inhibit your ability to sense burns and discomfort such as nerve damage or diabetic neuropathy.

It is recommended you soak for at least 15 minutes but no longer than 45 minutes per therapeutic bath session.

It is also recommended that you drink at least an 8oz glass of pure water before and after your soak to prevent dehydration.


Check Ingredients!

Be sure you are using 100% pure ingredients when you soak in a bath. Impure products can increase the toxins that are absorbed into your body during a soak.

Read the labels of any bath product before you soak in it. If you have any allergies or skin sensitivities, be careful to avoid anything that might trigger issues.

Avoid apparent toxins in bathing or hygiene products such as: Parabens, formaldehyde, methylene glycol and phthalates.


Use Natural Comforts!

There are many natural things you can add to your bath to provide not only a calming experience, but potentially a healing one as well.

Essential oils can provide a relaxing scent and also contain many healing properties. For relaxation, you can consider adding lavender, chamomile and/or clary sage essential oils to your bath.   

Other natural products can provide potential healing benefits such as Epson salt for pain relief or baking soda for balancing the body’s PH.

You can also add fresh or dried herbs to your bath to soak in various health benefits.

Only use pure Epson salts, organic herbs and 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that are not mixed with other ingredients.


Remember to check with your healthcare team before starting any alternative therapy.


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