What is Earthing?

What is Earthing?


The earth itself emits frequencies. According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, the Earth’s surface possesses a continuous amount of electrons. The Earth’s frequency potential can promote an internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of living things.


Earthing, also known as grounding, is a practice that can benefit virtually every living being. It doesn’t cost anything but it can bring a wide variety of benefits. All living things have an optimal frequency that occurs when each of the cells in our body vibrates at the frequency it was created to. Earthing is a great way to raise your vibrational frequency.


Earthing or Grounding is the concept of physically connecting to any part of earth. This can be grass, dirt, water, basically it is physically experiencing one or more of the elements. Here is a list of easy ways you can raise practice grounding.

Taking your shoes off and feeling the grass between your toes is a great way to connect with the earth beneath your feet. Simply take your shoes off and take a walk around your yard. If you don’t have a yard, go to a local park or nature reserve, take your shoes off and take a relaxing stroll.


Remember that you are an organic creature with a mind, body and spirit. You don’t just have energy, you ARE energy.


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