Top 5 reasons you should switch to handmade natural soap



Most store-bought soaps contain a myriad of non-organic and possibly toxic ingredients that can seep into your skin and cause negative impacts in your health.  But fortunately, there are safe, natural alternatives to traditional soap products. Mary Tylor Natural’s is proud to offer a line of affordable, safe and organic soaps.

Top 5 reasons you should switch to handmade, natural soaps.

1-Organic, non-toxic ingredients!

Our soaps are made from only pure ingredients such as Shea butter, cocoa butter, apricot oil and are naturally scented with essential oils.

2-Enriched with Vitamins!

Because our soaps are made from the natural ingredients listed above, they contain Vitamin A and Vitamin E to promote healthy skin and hair.

3-Safe for sensitive skin!

Without harsh toxins, our soaps are made from pure ingredients derived from nature that are safe for sensitive skin and those with chronic conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Our soaps are also safe for use on children and the elderly.

4- Amazing Scents!

Mary Tylor’s soap line is naturally scented with various scents such as rose, jasmine, coconut, mango and lemongrass. You can scrub the stress of the day away while enjoying a natural, calming scent in your bath or shower.

5- Heal your skin!

When you use a natural product with organic ingredients, you are allowing your skin to heal without exposing yourself to the harsh chemicals in traditional soaps. The natural ingredients in our soaps can help reduce acne breakouts and heal razor burn and skin irritation.


When you are choosing a soap product, remember that what you put on your body matters. You deserve better ingredients for a better life. We are proud to stand by our motto by offering our customers the best products possible!