Natural Relaxation Tips

Natural Relaxation Tips

Relaxing is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. We here at Mary Tylor Naturals want to encourage you to take care of your mind, body and spirit.  

Below is a list of ten great ways to naturally relax!

 1- Take advantage of nature. Soak up the sunshine, listen to the rain, feel the wind.  Whatever the weather is, you can take advantage of nature’s calming effects.  Go take a walk outside or simply open a window and get some fresh air.

2- Listen to calming music.  Scientific research has shown that listening to instrumental music can actually lower blood pressure, stress and anxiety levels. The infamous Mozart Effect Study revealed the following results, “After listening to Mozart's sonata for two pianos for 10 minutes, normal subjects showed significantly better spatial reasoning skills than after periods of listening to relaxation instructions designed to lower blood pressure or silence.” Listening to calming music is a great natural way to find relaxation!

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 3- Focus on a happy memory.  Daydreaming isn’t just for kids! Sometimes, if you are having a bad day, it helps to escape in your mind with a joyful memory. Even if you are stuck at work or in a stressful situation, you can always go to a happy place in your mind. When you feel overwhelmed, redirect your thoughts to focus on a wonderful experience you’ve had in your life. Worrying will not add a minute to your life, it only takes away from the moment you are in right now.

4- Take a hot bath.  Soaking in a warm, soothing bath at the end of the day is a great way to relax.  You can also add Epson salt, bath bombs, herbs and essential oils to help you find some extra serenity and healing benefits from your bath!

5- Write a letter.  Before cell phones, facebook and social media, letters were how people communicated. Sometimes it’s nice to write a short note just to let someone know you are thinking of them! Doing something nice for someone else can help you feel better too.

6- Spend time with a loved one. Isolation or spending time around negative influences can drain you. It is important to refuel your spirit around positive people who lift you up instead of tear you down. Spending time with a good friend can make the world look a whole lot brighter.

7- Take some time to indulge yourself.  Put on your favorite comfy clothes, drink some warm tea or bake yourself a tasty treat! Do something nice to pamper yourself to help you find relaxation and calm.

8- Read a good book. You can always escape to another world with literature. Reading can be a wonderful way to distract yourself from the stresses of everyday life and enter a world of endless possibilities.

9- Snuggle with your partner.  Hugs release the chemical oxytocin, which aids in stress regulation and can lower pain levels as well. 

Don’t have a partner? Single?  Cuddling with a pet can also reduce stress! Grab that cute little dog or cat of yours and curl up on the couch!  

10-  Singing or dancing.  Even if you have zero talent- these are great ways to reduce anxiety and to boost your mood. Put on your favorite music and sing or dance along!

Remember that taking care of yourself is essential to living a healthy life.  Take care of yourself!

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