Natural Secrets for a Successful Thanksgiving

Natural Secrets for a Successful Thanksgiving

When the leaves are turning colors and the air is getting chilly, that means that the holiday season is rapidly approaching. Among the joys of the autumn time of year, Thanksgiving is probably one of the most enjoyable parts.  Below is a list of natural secrets to make your Thanksgiving as successful as possible.

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving event in your home, the first thing you are probably concerned about is cleaning for your guests. No one wants to entertain in a messy home! There are plenty of ways to naturally ensure your home is tidy and clean before your guests arrive.

Use natural products. Replace the bleach, ammonia and other toxin laden chemicals with organic options.  Utilizing green products that you purchase or make yourself will help you eliminate toxic exposure and allow you to clean your home naturally. Our recipe section is full of DIY cleaning recipe products or you can purchase some at your local natural product store.  Essential oils, castile soap and other natural ingredients can be easily used in place of harsh chemicals.

Another vital part of hosting an event in your home is the ambiance! If you want your home to be inviting to your guests, utilizing natural scents are a great way to promote a comforting atmosphere.  Essential Oil diffusers filled with holiday inspired blends can be placed around your home to help your guests experience aromatherapy. Products such as natural beeswax candles can also be used to invigorate the air. 

Decorating is a massive part of the holiday season. Thanksgiving decorations displayed around your home can help your guests remember to be grateful during this special time. DIY projects such as homemade turkeys drawn from the handprints of your kids, handwritten displayed lists of things your family is thankful for and collages of happy memories are great decorations to inspire a spirit of gratitude.

Eating is the staple event of celebrating Thanksgiving!  Providing your family with healthy, nutritious foods that also taste delicious can be a challenge. There are natural options to help you give your family a tasty and nutritious meal.

1-      Purchase an organic, free range Turkey. Everyone knows a Thanksgiving isn’t complete without a juicy turkey.   Serving your family a premium bird without antibiotics and toxins is the healthiest option.

2-      Use natural products.  For example, replace that can of processed cranberry sauce with a natural recipe of cranberry puree you can make yourself. You can utilize natural produce such as organic corn on the cob and organic yams and eliminate the toxic exposure this Thanksgiving.

3-      Buy locally. Research the local vendors in your area. Local farmers, beekeepers and bakeries typically provide less processed homemade options that are better for your health and can even taste better. Plus, you are supporting local business and local families!   

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning and entertaining but be sure you are remembering what is important about Thanksgiving. Truly celebrating Thanksgiving isn’t dependent on how much Turkey you eat, it is about being grateful for your blessings. Take time this season to treasure your loved ones, be thankful for your blessings and appreciate your life.

Happy Thanksgiving from Mary Tylor Naturals!