Explaining Essential Oils- Lime

Explaining Essential Oils- Lime

Lime Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Citrus × aurantiifolia

What is it?

Limes are one of the most well known, tropical fruits used in almost every culture where they are available for mostly culinary uses. In Hispanic cultures, lime is typically paired with cilantro and is enjoyed in various traditional recipes.

How can I use it?

Aromatherapy- Lime is an inexpensive essential oil that can be easily diffused by itself or paired with other oils. It is a favorite oil to add to other tropical scents such as bergamot, lemon, and jasmine.

PH Balancer- Keeping your body in an alkaline state is optimal for the best health possible, because cells cannot thrive in an acidic environment. Ingesting a few drops of pure lime oil per day can help alkalinize your system due to the acidity/alkaline content found in citrus fruits such as lime.

Natural Cleaning Uses- Lime is a wonderful ingredient to add to your homemade natural cleaning products because of its antiseptic properties. With its fresh aroma, lime essential oil can give your DIY cleaning products a tropical scent boost.

Food/ Beverage Booster- Lime can be used in many dishes to provide a unique and fresh flavor. For example, adding lime to your taco dishes can add a cultural boost. You can also add lime to cocktails and enjoy a tropical twist in your favorite beverage. 

What are the benefits?

Limes contain flavonoids which are phytochemicals that may have several health benefits in balancing PH and in helping people manage certain metabolic disorders. It also has alkalinizing properties and is a natural antioxidant.

What are the risks?

Lime is in the citrus oil family, which contain compounds that can make you more sensitive to the sun’s UV light and may increase the risk of sunburn. Use caution if you are in direct sunlight and do not apply it topically before entering tanning beds or going to the beach.

Do not ever start or stop any natural remedy, supplement, or treatment without first checking with your healthcare provider and discuss the risks and benefits.

Be sure you are using a bio-friendly, 100% therapeutic grade oil. Do not ingest a low-quality oil, as they may be filled with other products and not 100% pure.

Where to buy?

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