Explaining Essential Oils- Jasmine

Explaining Essential Oils- Jasmine

Jasmine Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Jasminum


What is it?

Most jasmine plants are found in tropical regions. Jasmine is heavily regarded in many cultures as a precious substance. In the Hindu culture, motiyaa (jasmine plant) is hung in temples and used in religious ceremonies and weddings. In Asian cultures jasmine tea, referred to as ‘sanpin cha” is a popular beverage treat.   

How can I use it?

Aromatherapy- Jasmine is one of the most popular essential oils because of its sweet aroma and calming effects. Studies have shown that diffusing jasmine essential oil can help you relax and unwind naturally and fill your home or office with a fresh, floral scent.

Anxiety/Insomnia Relief- Topical application of jasmine essential oil or drinking jasmine tea has been shown to promote anxiety relief. It has been used for centuries to calm nerves and naturally promote relaxation.

Aphrodisiac- The scent of jasmine has been shown to have an aphrodisiac effect, which is why it is a popular ingredient in many perfumes, including the widely successful Chanel #5.

Antibacterial- Jasmine essential oil has been shown to have antimicrobial properties that are beneficial in preventing infection in superficial wounds and can also be used as a natural replacement for traditional first aid items such as peroxide and alcohol.

Natural Product Base- Jasmine is a great ingredient to add to your homemade natural products such as soaps, lotions, perfumes and candles. With its comforting aroma and grand amount of health benefits, jasmine essential oil can give your natural products an added healing boost.


What are the benefits?

Jasmine is a natural antibacterial agent that can be used in medicinal teas and also is a great holistic ingredient in hundreds of natural recipes.  

What are the risks?

Jasmine is categorized in a class of substances known as galactagogues, which can impact lactation and ovulation, so use caution if you are trying to prevent pregnancy or are on hormonal medications (HRT).

Do not ever start or stop any natural remedy, supplement, or treatment without first checking with your healthcare provider and discuss the risks and benefits.

Be sure you are using a bio-friendly, 100% therapeutic grade oil. Do not ingest a low-quality oil, as they may be filled with other products and not 100% pure.

Where to buy?

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