Safe Sunscreen

Safe Sunscreen.


While the sun is a wonderful part of life, it should be enjoyed in safe moderation with proper clothing, hydration and skin care. Avoiding over-exposure to direct sunlight and wearing proper skin protection such as sunscreen should be the first steps you take to avoid sunburns. Avoiding sunlight during the hours where the UV rays are the most dangerous (such as midday-afternoon) is also beneficial. Staying in the shade and wearing appropriate clothing that shields your skin from damage will help you avoid sunburn. People with fair skin should use extra caution in the sun and should use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. To prevent sunburn, below is a natural recipe for holistic sunscreen.


DIY Natural Sunscreen




6 teaspoons Shea Butter

8 teaspoons of zinc oxide powder  

12 teaspoons of carrier oil of choice

6 teaspoons of Vitamin E oil

6 teaspoons of beeswax pellets



Melt shea butter and beeswax in double boiling pot on stove top.

Once melted, mix in the carrier oil and vitamin E oil.

Stir until blended.

Carefully mix in the zinc oxide powder. (It is recommended you wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose to avoid breathing in the powder)

Mix thoroughly until all ingredients have blended.

Allow to mixture to cool.

Pour mixture into glass container.

Store in a cool, dry place away from kids and pets.


To Use

Apply a generous amount to areas which will be exposed to sunlight. Careful to avoid getting into eyes or mouth. Reapply as needed after swimming or excess sweating.


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