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With so many beauty and skincare products in the market today, it’s difficult to zero in on a product that tackles several problems at once. Most of the time, you have to buy a separate product to use on your hair and your skin. Nevertheless, you can achieve manageable hair and skin with just one product – Argan oil.

 What Is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is typically a topical product loaded with moisturizers. Its moisturizers come from plant extracts. The oil is derived from the seed kernels of Argan trees exclusively grown in Morocco. It is a thick emollient used as hair and skin moisturizer. Its organic source guarantees the additive-free cosmetic products.

You have to pay excessively for a bottle, though. Since the oil is manually processed and extracted from exclusively grown sources, you’ll have to pay for the quality and the hype. The fruit is pulped and laid out under the sun to dry. The seeds are then extracted by cracking the dried nuts. These are then roasted to bring out the natural oils, ground to thick paste, and then hand-squeezed to extract the oil. The process is laborious, especially when the local farmers take pride in the exclusive rights to production.


What Are the Benefits of Argan Oil?

 People spend a fortune to get the most of Argan oil benefits. The oil is rich in fatty acids (oleic and linoleic), as well as vitamin E, phenols, and carotenes. These guarantee manageable hair and supple skin, but there’s a downside to the perk.

 The solution is mostly made up of oleic acids that easily cause inflammatory acne. Clogged pores lead to breakouts, so make sure you counter the side effects with anti-acne treatments or medication. Argan oil offers an efficient hair and skin moisturizer. Consult your dermatologist and ensure it matches with your skin type.


Using something foreign to you is like taking a shot in the dark, but here are some of the benefits of Argan oil for the hair and skin that could make you reconsider:

 Hair conditioner – it has been proven to treat split ends and make the hair silkier, softer, and shinier.

  • Acne – it contains antioxidants that reduce inflammation and help heal damaged skin cells. It also provides natural moisture to the skin, keeping the skins pH balance at a healthy level.
  • Anti-aging – the antioxidant properties of Argan oil makes the skin plumper and softer. It also restores the skin’s elasticity, rejuvenates the skin, and brings back the skin’s youthful glow.
  • Styling agent – this oil tames frizzy hair and makes the hair more manageable, making it easier to style. It also adds more luster to the hair.
  • Skin moisturizer – it has high Vitamin E and fatty content that gives the skin a natural boost, making it softer, healthier, and glowing.


You will never know if Argan oil will work on your problem areas unless you actually use the product. Make sure to give it a shot and see how it works for you.


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