A massage is a great way to relax, heal, and uplift your body and mind especially when you use a therapeutic-grade massage oil made from a combination of essential oils. You can purchase your own massage oil in a specialty store, which can be quite costly, or you can get exactly what you want by mixing your own custom synergy blend at home.


Synergy blends are two or more essential oils combined where the result is an effect greater than the sum of each oil’s individual effects. More powerful therapeutic results are usually obtained when essential oils are blended together than when used individually.


Benefits of Blending Your Own Massage Oil

Essential oils are the perfect compliment to a massage because you can easily and quickly blend a custom batch for yourself or friends. While you can use professionally made blends, it is more fun and less expensive to make your own. Just look at what some of the benefits are:

  • Essential oils will enhance the advantages offered by the massage
  • When used in combination with a massage, the essential oils will help improve a healthy circulatory system and facilitate detoxification
  • It will save you money money in the long run especially if you get a lot of massages


Custom Massage Oil Combinations: Carrier Oils

While massage oils are mainly thought of being a luxurious or expensive product, it’s actually quite simple to make your own combinations at home. The glass bottles you use should be tinted or dark in some way to protect the oils from going rancid. You will also need one of the following carrier or base oils:

  • Coconut: Tropical scent that is good for your skin
  • Sweet almond: Widely used massage oil because it spreads well and easily absorbed by the skin
  • Cold-pressed sunflower: Budget alternative to sweet almond oil; rich in vitamins and has a mild scent
  • Grapeseed: Light oil that works well with oily skin; high in vitamins and almost odorless
  • Olive: Thicker and greasier than other oils and has a stronger scent; soothes joint and muscle pain, and improves skin elasticity and strength


Custom Massage Oil Combinations: Essential Oils

After you select your carrier oil, choose some essential oils. Make your selection based on the scent of an oil, as well as how it effects your muscles and your mood. Some of the common essential oils used in massage oils include:


While you can make a good oil with only one essential oil, except most massage oils are typically blends of three or more oils. The more experienced you are in making these massage oils, the more you will understand how the oils work together.