African black soap by mary tylor naturals

African black soap is made of cocoa pod, palm leaves, ashes of plantain skin and palm oil. Depending on the manufacturer of African black soap, it may contain honey, cocoa butter, shea butter or some other ingredients. Remember, not all black soap is completely natural. Some manufacturers do use synthetic materials. You must read the label carefully and choose the best brands for optimum results.

There are many African black soap benefits and one of the most noteworthy is its effect on acne. You can actually get rid of acne if you use it on a regular basis. Let us explore what the various benefits and why it works so good against acne.

  • African black soap is rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants are capable of fighting the free radicals in the body and also the skin. This can help in preserving the quality of your skin. You can thus prevent premature skin ageing, facial lines and wrinkles. Owing to the moisturizing property and the nutrients available in the ingredients used, the black soap can improve your skin tone. Your skin will be suppler and it will exude a glow. Even the texture of your skin will get enhanced. It can cause skin discolorations to fade and will work against irritations and inflammations resulting in smoother skin without rashes and dry patches.
  • African black soap is an effective cleanser. It can reach into the pores in your skin and can get rid of the bacteria, fungi, dirt and all pollutants piled up in the bores. The soap can also get rid of oils and other irritants. As a result, the black soap can get rid of acne. It can control the outbreak, get rid of the spots and can help in normalizing the skin. Black soap has also been reported to be effective for eczema, psoriasis and blackheads. Black soap is also a natural exfoliating agent. It can get rid of dead cells and facilitate a younger and softer skin. Your skin will be rejuvenated upon regular use of African black soap.

The reason why it works against acne and has several other benefits lies in the components of the ingredients. Plantain leaves and skins are loaded with vitamins E and A along with iron. The leaves moisturize the skin, heal the tissues and can facilitate the growth of new skin cells. Cocoa powder has anti-inflammatory properties and can fight the radicals with its antioxidants. Shea butter is a powerhouse of vitamins. Palm oil is also loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.


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