Activated Charcoal Powder can reactivate your healthy smile.

Thankfully another natural remedy, Charcoal, is resurfacing.  Charcoal has been known for many years to aid in digestion and detoxing.  Now we can even use charcoal powder to whiten our teeth.

The Natural Truth:

~ Activated Charcoal Powder is known for its ability to bind to small particles and for being extremely absorbent.  These binding and absorbent abilities help remove foreign particles/impurities from the body.

~ This type of Charcoal is actually the result of heating carbon-rich materials, such as natural hardwood, that is then put through a long process of purifying. So please don’t try any bbq charcoal.

~Activated charcoal powder can also be used as a mask for the face or other areas of the skin and to even wash your hair.

How To:

Here’s a great way to use Mary Tylor Naturals’ Activated Charcoal Powder for Teeth Whitening:

Brushing with Activated Charcoal Powder for Whiter Teeth*:

~ Dip a wet Toothbrush into the Activated Charcoal Powder

~ Start brushing teeth in a circular motion gently.  For 2 minutes let it sit on your teeth

~ Rinse well, use a cup to aid in rinsing

*Brush once a day for around 2 weeks & once you reach your desired whiteness brush 2x a week. This is not recommended for children.  Always consult your Doctor before adding/changing your health regimen.